A P E E E L 2    P E R I S C O L A I R E    R E S E R V A T I O N S

Group activities & Music private lessons @ Lux2 for ALL Lux2 pupils

Telephone contacts:  Periscolaire team  (+352) 273 224 5126  /   Office (restricted hours) (+352) 273 224 5127  

Emergency only : (+352) 621  169 308  Yann Gendron (Periscolaire Coordinator)

periscolaire@apeeel2.lu  / office@apeeel2.lu       

Friday 17/05/2024: Only Periscolaire activities taking place in the Sports building will be cancelled (Happy Fitness, Pilates, Table Tennis, Floorball, Basketball) as the Sports building will close at 13:00. This is due to the day being the last day of classes for S7 students before their Bac exams. All Periscolaire  activities taking place in the Nursery and Primary buildings will be maintained. 
Le vendredi 17/05 en raison du dernier jour de cours des élèves de S7 avant leurs épreuves du bac, le bâtiment sports sera fermé à partir de 13h. Nous vous informons donc que seules les activités périscolaires se déroulant dans le bâtiment sport seront annulées (Happy Fitness, Pilates, Table Tennis, Floorball, Basketball). Les activités periscolaire se déroulant dans les bâtiments maternelle et primaire sont maintenues.

FRIDAY 10/05/2024:  Please note that even though CPE will be closed, our APEEEL2 Periscolaire activities will run as normal. 


SPAMS: To avoid receiving our emails in your Spam folder, please add the followiing email addresses in your Address Book: mailing@apeeel2.lu,  noreply@apeeel2.lu  and periscolaire@apeeel2.lu.


Starting this year, ALL APEEEL2 MEMBERS  must update their parent + children's profiles to be allowed to make any reservation (even if their accounts are already validated)  - CLICK HERE 



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