A P E E E L 2    P E R I S C O L A I R E    R E S E R V A T I O N S

Group activities & Music private lessons @ Lux2 for all Lux2 pupils

(+352) 273 224 5126  for Periscolaire  /  (+352) 273 224 5127 for Secrétariat  (restricted hours)

EMERGENCY ONLY (Yann Gendron - Periscolaire Coordinator ) (+352) 621  169 308

office@apeeel2.lu  / periscolaire@apeeel2.lu                                                                             


Periscolaire activities will take place as normal on Friday 14 May.
Please note there will be NO ACCOMPANIMENT SERVICE  as CPE is closed.  Parents are requested to take/collect their children to/from the entrance of the Nursery building (for activities taking place in the Nursery building), and to/from the entrance of the Primary building (for activities taking place in the Primary building and the Sport Halls).


  • Due to the sanitary measures in place, no parents are currently allowed into the School buildings.
  • Since 11/01/2021,  Secondary pupils in distance learning according to the School alternating organisation rotation, will not  be allowed to attend any of our Periscolaire activities on the School premises.
  • F A Q menu (at the top of the page ) includes all activities' CALENDAR, TERMS & CONDITIONS, ACCOMPANIMENT SERVICE (for CPE pupils only) etc... To download the Periscolaire Terms & Conditions click here
  •  D I S C L A I M E R - mandatory for Primary pupils .  See info on Periscolaire Information
  • APEEEL2 Membership is mandatory prior to any Periscolaire reservation.  If your account has not been validated, please contact us on office@apeeel2.lu  including a copy of your proof of payment.

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