A P E E E L 2    P E R I S C O L A I R E    R E S E R V A T I O N S

Group activities & Music private lessons @ Lux2 for ALL Lux2 pupils

Telephone contacts:  Periscolaire team  (+352) 273 224 5126  /   Office (restricted hours) (+352) 273 224 5127  

Emergency only : (+352) 621  169 308  Yann Gendron (Periscolaire Coordinator)

periscolaire@apeeel2.lu  / office@apeeel2.lu       

  • Periscolaire activities started on 02/10/23 but you can still register to courses where we still have availability. 

  • There will be no Periscolaire activities on Lux2 pedagogical day Monday 06/11/23.


To quickly check availability for a group activity (last updated on 11/10) : Click here

To book a Group activity in PAMS:  login to your account > select the menu Parent>Subscribe to a course > use the filters and click on Search > click on the button View & Subscribe> proceed to payment in your Basket.

For more information on our Periscolaire programClick here
For information on the  "Accueil Periscolaire" Click here

To avoid receiving our emails in your Spam folder, please add the followiing email addresses in your Address Book: mailing@apeeel2.lu,  noreply@apeeel2.lu  and periscolaire@apeeel2.lu.


Starting this year, ALL APEEEL2 MEMBERS  must update their parent + children's profiles to be allowed to make any reservation (even if their accounts are already validated)  - CLICK HERE 



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