A P E E E L 2    P E R I S C O L A I R E    R E S E R V A T I O N S

Group activities & Music private lessons @ Lux2 for all Lux2 pupils

Telephone contacts:  Periscolaire team  (+352) 273 224 5126  /   Office (restricted hours) (+352) 273 224 5127  

Emergency only : (+352) 621  169 308  Yann Gendron (Periscolaire Coordinator)

periscolaire@apeeel2.lu  / office@apeeel2.lu             

For all enquiries, please contact our Periscolaire team on periscolaire@apeeel2.lu

  • SPAMS: To avoid receiving PAMS emails in your Spam folder, please add "noreply@apeeel2.lu"  and "periscolaire @apeeel2.lu" in your Address Book
    Pour éviter de recevoir les messages de PAMS dans votre répertoire de spams, merci de rajouter "noreply@apeeel2.lu" dans votre carnet d'adresses.
  • In compliance with the School sanitary measures,  no parents are currently allowed in any of the School buildings. 
  • For more information, including the entrance and exit points to/from the School buildings for all Periscolaire activities,  please visit our website  www.apeeel2.lu/activites-periscolaires/  and the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) menu on this page. 

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